Art philosophy

"All our richness and our individuality are formed by our environment and by the way in which we work out its specific representation." (Marcel Veelo)

Marcel Veelo transports us into a world in which images are broken down and reformed like a puzzle. The world is fragmented according to the way the photographer perceives it, assembling an endless number of details. 'When we look at a subject, although we perceive one entity, there is a whole host of details that attract our attention. I make use of those many different facets and highlight them. Those elements touch me, they enrich the photograph spontaneously and without contrivance. They come to life and become alive; they are an intrinsic part of the environment and become a language that allows me to glimpse an endless number of possibilities.'

Veelo is self-taught, having drawn inspiration from the process of photomontage used by David Hockney and Stefan de Jaeger, among others. A way of working based on the juxtaposition of photographs, taken from different angles, reconstructing a world similar to Cubist paintings. The idea that the body moves in space like so many parts disintegrating. Rejecting the monocular fixed view, the shots overlap, ranging from close to distant and from blurred to sharp, and create discontinuities that are compatible because they are linked in a semiotic sense.

The portrait becomes a physical and psychological representation, a way of figuring out a personality according to the attitude, gestures and the elements that go to make up that personality: a few notes taken down as the author's imagination dictates, a tape recorder for the journalist, a glass of wine for the oenologist, and so on. So many clues to be sought in his work like a treasure hunt to be followed in the image.

As for the landscape, it accentuates the fragmentation of the images, underlining the idea that each of them comprises a duration and place of its own within it. Separated from each other, the photographs create a frieze, which differs, from the montage itself to the portraits. The multiple view reinforces the effect of bringing the image to life, its temporal dimension like the idea of the ebb and flow of the tides or the changing of the seasons.

Marcel Veelo captures movement like a frozen moment, the moving and the moved brought together in a composition orchestrated by an arrangement of digital images. The idea of a process that goes beyond the photographic snapshot, the construction of an image combining visual memory and the graphic placement of snapshots by information technology. A view in the narrative sense of the word, that of the magic of the image that tells us a story: that of man, that of the world.

Catherine Henkinet (ISELP)

The Dorian Gray composition

Presenting the finite without tumbling into despair, presenting a dual faceted face which allows every viewer their own interpretation, their own feelings.
Man's span on earth is short, the fear of ageing and death are clearly visible in this disturbing portrait which cannot fail to move one. Nevertheless, it manages to convey the youthfulness of its ageing subjects, as it progresses slowly but surely towards its end.
A composition which, from the outset, questions the theme of life and death, and also perhaps all that lies between the beginning and the end, a life lived fully, or a trail littered with regrets and compromises...

Marcel Veelo

Ads philosophy

In work as in life, Marcel Veelo's philosophy can be summed up in one word: simplicity. Simplicity in the way he works and organises himself, in the way he sees his relationships with others. But, above all, simplicity in his style and creative work.

But simplicity doesn't mean simplism or ease. The simple images are almost always the result of complex shots. Whether it's a matter of packshots, still lifes or individuals, the result will always be a sober and controlled image.

Nor does simplicity mean limited. Marcel Veelo is used to working with well-known professionals. You need have no hesitation in entrusting a whole project to him. From location-finding to attention to style, concluding with retouching, everything is meticulously orchestrated.

The day you work with Marcel Veelo, you can be sure that your project will be successful. Perfectly executed, down to the smallest details. And with great simplicity.